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Newsletter - September 2010

Local. Trusted. Serving You.
Get it before the snow flies...
CCU access when you are on the go!
AAA Discounts Return
Credit Union Shred For Safety Day
Entertainment Books Have Arrived!
PLEASE EXAMINE Your Statements...
Changes to Membership and Account Agreement Disclosure
Notice of Fee Change
CCU Scoreboard
Kids Corner - September 2010

Local. Trusted. Serving You. Thank you for making the choice to be a member at Champion Credit Union! We know that you trust your credit union to provide you with the best products and personal service and to never forget our local roots. CCU strives to give back to the communities that we serve through education and assistance.

Come celebrate our local roots and our commitment to members on International Credit Union Day, October 21. Enjoy refreshments, activities, and register to win giveaways at all CCU office locations.

Get it before the snow flies...
The snow will be flying soon and the Holiday season will be close behind. Donít let it creep up on you!

Members with existing Holiday Club accounts will see a transfer from their Holiday Club to their checking account (or lowest numbered share account if they donít have a checking). In lieu of checks, auto transfers were completed on September 30. If you wish to allow your funds to remain in the Holiday Club account, please notify the credit union for 2011.

Donít find yourself short on funds next holiday season, now is a great time to start saving for next years holiday spending. Holiday Club accounts are easy to open and even easier to save with when you use payroll deduction or automatic transfer.

Donít forget your CCU low fixed rate Visa credit card*. Apply now so you have your card in plenty of time for your holiday spending. The fixed rate and low fees, along with the great service you expect, make a CCU Visa card a great deal! Donít forget to apply to increase your spending power by increasing your limit. Why wait until the holidays?

Call or visit your credit union today to learn more or to apply for a new card or a limit increase.
* Regular credit approval applies.

CCU access when you are on the go!

CCU members have access to a wealth of account information and services, almost 24-hours a day, seven days a week! allows you to access Virtual Branch, where you can view account information, view images of cleared share draft checks, transfer funds, make payments, and securely email the credit union.

Also helping you when you are on the go, eStatements and PayIt, CCUís bill payment service. Easy, electronic, and environmentally friendly, eStatements take the worry out of statements sitting in your mailbox when you canít get to them. PayIt allows for payments to be scheduled ahead of time taking the worry out of bills being paid on time.

Youíre mobile, why shouldnít your accounts be too? Mobile Money gives you balances and recent account history right to your mobile device.

Donít forget WhereMembersBuy for your vehicle shopping. Find your next vehicle and apply for your financing all while you are on the go!

AAA Discounts Return

AAA Northwest Ohio has returned to offering discounts on NEW and RENEWAL memberships for CCU members. CCU members can receive a discount on NEW memberships of $15.00 and a discount of $5.00 on RENEWAL memberships.

To receive the discount, mention that you want the Group Membership Discount for Champion Credit Union and provide them Group Number: G0102

Bring Your Personal
Financial Documents
for FREE* Destruction!

Credit Union Shred
For Safety Day

Saturday, October 30, 2010
10:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Choose either Kroger location:

Spring Meadows
1414 Spring Meadows Road
(On-site document destruction truck)

Woodville Road
1920 Woodville Road
(Drop-off collection truck)

*Please no more than four (4) bags/boxes to be shred.
Shredding provided securely by
AllShred Services, Inc.
Also Sponsored By:

Entertainment Books Have Arrived!
2011 Entertainment Books valid through November
2011 have arrived. Purchase one for yourself and one
as a gift and begin saving now for just... $30.00!

PLEASE EXAMINE Your Statements...
if it is not correct, communicate DIRECTLY with . . .
Larry L. Shartzer, Chairman, Supervisory Audit Committee
900 Upton Ave
Toledo, OH 43607
If no differences/discrepancies are reported, it will be assumed that this statement is correct. Do not mail any remittance to the auditors. This statement of account verification is being conducted in accordance with a directive by the Board of Directors. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Changes to Membership and
Account Agreement Disclosure
Changes were made to the Champion Credit Union Membership and Account Agreement Disclosure. Below are additions to the existing Champion Credit Union Membership and Account Agreement Disclosure. Due to these additions, other sections were renumbered. The full disclosure is available at any Champion Credit Union office location or at

20. REMOTELY CREATED CHECKS OR DRAFTS - For purposes of this paragraph, "account" means a transaction account, credit account, or any other account on which checks or drafts may be drawn. A remotely created check or draft is a check or draft created by someone other than the person on whose account the check or draft is drawn. A remotely created check or draft is generally created by a third party payee as authorized by the owner of the account on which the check or draft is drawn. Authorization is usually made over the telephone or through on-line communication. The owner of the account does not sign a remotely created check or draft. In place of the owner's signature, the remotely created check or draft usually bears a statement that the owner authorized the check or draft or bears the owner's printed or typed name. If you authorize a third party to draw a remotely created check or draft against your account, you may not later revoke or change your authorization. It is your responsibility to resolve any authorization issues directly with the third party. We are not required to credit your account and may charge against your account any remotely created check or draft for which the third party has proof of your authorization.

d. Electronic Notices. If you have agreed to receive notices electronically, we may send you notices electronically and discontinue mailing paper notices to you until you notify us that you wish to reinstate receiving paper notices.

32. UNLAWFUL INTERNET GAMBLING AND OTHER ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES - You agree that you are not engaged in unlawful Internet gambling or any other illegal activity. You agree that you will not use any of your accounts, access devices or services for unlawful Internet gambling or other illegal activities. We may terminate your account relationship if you engage in unlawful Internet gambling or other illegal activities.

Notice of Fee Change
Effective November 1, 2010 Champion Credit Union members may receive one official (credit union) check per day at no charge. Each additional official (credit union) check after the one per day, will incur a $2.00 per check charge.

CCU Scoreboard As of August 31, 2010
Total Assets
Total Shares
Total Loans
Total Reserves
And Undivided Income
$  6,660,718