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Newsletter - October 2010

Itís Not Just the Holiday Season
Calendars Available November 26th
Is Your Email Moving?
Important Notice Regarding Coin Deposits

Itís Not Just the Holiday Season
The holiday season is upon us, and along with it comes increased fraud attempts. Increased holiday shopping and activity open the door for fraudsters to use your personal or financial information. What can you do to prevent a thief from stealing your personal or financial information? To protect your identity and safeguard your credit, CCU offers the following suggestions:
checkbox Donít carry everything around - such as ALL of your credit cards, Social Security number, and birth certificate - unless it is absolutely necessary. Your Champion Credit Union VISA card and ATM/debit card are two great choices for maximum purchasing power.
checkbox Keep a list of all credit cards, account numbers, expiration dates, and the phone numbers of the fraud departments or contact people in a secure place - not in your wallet or purse.
checkbox Memorize your personal identification number (PIN) for your ATM/debit card; do not write it down and donít carry it with you.
checkbox Avoid giving out your credit card number or other personal information over the phone unless you initiated the call.
checkbox Review your monthly statements carefully and in a timely manner. Report discrepancies to your credit union immediately. Virtual branch, mobile money, and eStatements make it easy to monitor and review your account in a timely manner.
checkbox Shred all documents with personal information before discarding them.
checkbox picture of thief Request a credit report on a regular basis and verify the credit information listed. Visit the member resource tab for a link to where you can receive your annual credit report from each of the big three credit reporting agencies, at no charge.

Pick up your CCU wall and
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Friday, November 26,
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Is Your Email Moving?

If you are changing your email, remember to not only notify the credit union, but also to make sure you update your email in Virtual Branch and eStatements.

Email that has not been updated can cause problems with notifications being received or passwords being reset.

Updating is easy! In Virtual Branch:
  • Click on the Self Service tab
  • Under Personal Options area
  • Click Personal Information
  • Update your email. You can even elect to input up to three total email addresses.
To update your email for eStatements:
  • Click on the Self Service tab
  • Click the eStatements link
  • Select an account number (NOTE: you need to select each account number and update each accountís email separately.)
  • Click the Profile tab
  • Update your email

Important Notice Regarding Coin Deposits

Effective immediately, the credit union can no longer accept deposits of foreign coin (including Canadian). Any coin rolls received must have the memberís name and base account number noted on the roll. Any foreign coins contained in the rolls may be debited from the members account.