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Scam Alerts

Fake text message, your account has been suspended - August 2009
The credit union has been informed that some members have received a text message stating : This is an automated message from Brush FCU. Your ATM card has been suspended. To reactivate call urgent at 1-877-783-0214

This is a text phising SCAM - DO NOT call the number and DO NOT enter your ATM/Debit card number. This is an attempt to obtain your personal financial information and should be regarded as such.

This scam appears to be directed to Sprint wireless customers. If you receive this scam text, please contact Sprint Customer Service at 888-211-4727 and inform them that you have received the scam text.

Something for Nothing?

Congratulations! Youíve been notified that you wonÖ but have you? Many consumers are falling victim to scams perpetrated to obtain information or money from them.

Recent attempts by fraudsters include sending consumers fraudulent checks that may also contain a notice that they have won a lottery or similar prize pool. The consumers are also asked to pay a fee (it may be stated that the check is to help cover these costs) to an Ďagentí to claim their prize. The checks are most often counterfeit or fraudulent, but consumers cash them and send a portion to the Ďagentí thinking they will receive a large sum of money. The consumer never hears from the Ďagentí again and when the check is returned, may be legally responsible for the funds they have receivedóincluding the ones they sent to claim their alleged prize.

Donít fall victim to a scam. Protect yourself and remember these five (fun but true) pieces of wisdom:
1. You canít win a lottery you didnít enter.
2. No one from Africa or any other country is going to give you 10% of anything
3. If you have to pay to claim it, you didnít really win it.
4. If it is too good to be true, it is.
5. No one runs a lottery by using just email addresses.